Scheduleague V2 is LIVE!!!

After months of work, the new version of the site is finally ready! Just in time for all those spring leagues… TONS of new features:

  • Three Kinds of schedule creation: Simple, Advanced and Manual
  • Three kinds of competitions: Single player (pool, etc.), Head to Head, and Round Robin (3-team w/Ref)
  • Pick your dates and times with an easy to use graphical interface
  • Your players can log in and tell their team members which games they will attend
  • 41 Kinds of sports supported!
  • Players can be on multiple teams, even multiple leagues!
  • Record any number of scores per game/match
  • Assign any player to be a scoring admin
  • Embeddable version for inclusion in your website
  • Super easy rescheduling for rain days etc.
  • Responsive design…use the site on a computer, tablet or phone
  • Divisions able to play each other…if you want them to!
  • Support for handicaps

Start using the new site TODAY:

Create a league!

THEN…tell us what you think! What do you love? What would you like to see us add? Let us know and we can make it better just for you.

We hope you like using the new site, and hope to hear from you soon.