Just passed 10,000 League Signups

That’s a lot of leagues…and there’s over 100,000 teams entered into the system as well. It’s great to see how people are using the site, and how the new features are helping leagues manage their teams and players. Just some of the new features we’ve added in the last few weeks:

  • Player Signup for ‘open’ leagues…have your players set up the league for you!
  • Control: Choose what players and the public can see and do. Want to completely lock down your league? No probem.
  • Draft: Recruit players to your team!
  • Payments: Accept PayPal for team and player fees…you get paid direct. We don’t take a cut, just help you get yours.
  • Communication: Players can let their teammates know which games they’ll be attending.
  • Batch Functions for teams and players: do common functions like assigning to divisions or teams…easily!
  • Reschedule (rain date): move any scheduled date/time/court anywhere else. Easily!
  • Subs: Log who filled in for who, and how many times.
  • Reports: Payments, Team lists, player lists…easy to read and print.
  • Import: easily import players & teams
  • Export: the schedule in a variety of formats.